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Embracing Your College Independence

Student, Emerson College

Some essential tips, from one college student to another, for being more independent in college read more

How to Save Money Dorm Room Shopping

Student, Southeastern Louisiana University

Before you start weeping into your case of Top Ramen, try these five ways of saving money while shopping for the many necessities of dorm living. read more

4 Ways to Find Your College Fit

Co-author, The Other College Guide

These are the four areas of college "fit" you need to investigate in finding the perfect school for you. read more

5 Questions College Students Should Ask for Making Conflict Work


As a college-age student, you are in a perfect sweet spot for conflict. So how can you navigate the many inevitable disagreements awaiting you? read more

If You Are Lucky Enough to Be in College, Be Excited and Feel Proud

Professor, Seton Hall University Law School

When it comes to enjoying your college years, Paula Franzese wrote the book! She shares an excerpt from her new book, A Short and Happy Guide to Being a College Student. read more

Top 10 Campus Visit Questions (and Then Some!)

Varsity Tutors Contributing Writer

Visiting universities can be extremely exciting for prospective students, but it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. Asking the right questions during your tour will ensure that you are comprehensively informed about the college before you leave. Here are the top questions you should ask on your next college visit. read more

Seven Smart Phone Uses for College Visits

Founder and President, Smart College Visit, Inc.

Bring your phone along when you visit campus, but remember to silence the ringer during the tour and info session. Instead of talking on the phone, try some of these features to enhance your campus visit experience. read more

Get Involved and Stay Involved in Student Activities

Public Relations Associate, Carnegie Communications

Earlier this semester, students across the nation most likely flocked to their college's activities fair and signed up for any club that perked their interests. That's the easy part. Now comes the challenge: staying involved. read more

Student Life's a Beach

Public Relations Associate, Carnegie Communications

There are a select few colleges that are lucky enough to have had their campus planted on the shore. And for students going to school at these locations, the surf's up all year! read more

Catholic Educational Heritage: Sisters of Saint Joseph

Editor, Carnegie Communications

There are several orders of nuns associated with education that founded and now run many colleges and universities across the United States. read more