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Being a Christian at a Public University

CollegeXpress Student Writer, The University of Texas at Austin

If you're a Christian headed to a public college, you may be wondering how easy it will be to keep your faith on campus. Here are some tips to help ease your worries! read more

The Christian College Code

Freelance Writer, Missouri Baptist University

Considering a Christian college or university but not really sure what it's like? Keep reading... read more

From Stressed to Blessed: How to Find Time for Your Faith as a Student

Student, Fairhaven High School

If you want to carve out more time for your spiritual life while in high school or college, here are some helpful suggestions. read more

What the Bible Says About Education

Christian Colleges and Universities Blogger

Now that you'll be off to college in a couple of months, let's see what the Bible says about furthering your education. read more

Living in Peace with People Who Don't Share Your Beliefs

Blogger, Elementary Education Student, UNC Chapel Hill

There have been times in my life, especially in college, when I have been driven to near madness trying to explain my beliefs about religion. My trick is to rely on the Word of God to get through those moments. read more

How Does Campus Life Differ at a Christian College?

by and

While most colleges offer students a chance to explore issues of faith, a Christian college incorporates that process into their curriculum and sees that it is an obvious part of life on campus. read more