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4 Important Things to Do Before College to Help in the Long Run

Think ahead to a world where you’re about to be a college freshman. Are you prepared to succeed long-term? If you complete this list, you will be!

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Our Best Advice for Your First Year of College

Freshman year is the start of a great new adventure! Head off for your first semester ready with all the advice you could possibly need to get through the year.


The Best Ways to Balance Academics and Socializing as a College Freshman

Starting college and settling into a new life and routine can be a lot, but finding balance is a huge part of the process. Here's some advice for freshman year.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Anderson University

Learn and Live With the Benefits of a Residential College

Residential colleges are a great way to get the resources of a large university but the community of a small college. Here's what to know about these special programs.

Freelance Writer

A Guide to Letting Go: How to Cope When Your Teen Leaves for College

Letting go can be hard for parents. Here's some advice from a college insider if you're struggling with sending your student to college for the first time.

Associate Dean of Admissions & Transfer Coordinator, Pomona College

Video: What to Expect When Entering College

The college journey can often feel like an expectation vs. reality meme. Get prepared for freshman year by learning what to expect from vlogger Jordan-Paige.


3 Things I Wish I'd Known My Freshman Year

A junior at the University of North Texas reveals three things she wishes she knew when she first started college. Find out what the inside scoop is now!

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of North Texas

5 Ways to Prepare for Freshman Year of College

If you're nervous about starting college, this is the guide for you. We have five valuable tips on how to prepare for your freshman year of school. Take a look!

Property Manager, Prime Place UNL

12 Great Ways to Have a Stress-Free College Life

Transitioning from high school to college can be a scary, overwhelming thing to do. Here are 12 ways to make this big life change a bit easier.

Freelance Blogger

Important Academic Advice for Freshman Year of College

After the first few weeks of excitement on campus, it's time to buckle down on homework and studying. Here's some key academic advice from a sophomore.

CollegeXpress Student Writer, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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