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Choosing the Right Graduate Degree for Your Goals

Know you want to continue your studies postgrad, but not sure what program is the right choice? Learn about the advantages of each type of graduate degree.

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Top Grad School Search Advice for International Students

Are you an international student considering a graduate degree in the US? You're in good company! Here's an inside look at how to achieve your goal.

Executive Director of Enrollment; Director of International Students and Scholars; Queens College, City University of New York

A Look at 4 Fields That Require a Master's Degree

You may be deciding whether or not to get a grad degree--depending on your field it may be required. Here's a look at careers that require a master's degree.

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Preparing for Medical School

The medical school application process can be challenging, exciting, invigorating, and, at times, frustrating. The more you know about the process, the better off you will be.

Founding Dean, College of Allied Health, California Baptist University

How Does Financial Aid Differ for Graduate Students?

The graduate financial aid process is a little different than what students are used to for undergrad. Here are the quick answers to what you need to know.

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Vice President and Dean of Admissions, Quinnipiac University

How Do Master's and Doctoral Programs Differ?

Whether you will apply for a master's or a doctoral program depends upon the career path that you want and what you hope to do with the degree.