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9 Simple Steps to Creating an Ideal Study Space

Having a great space to get work done can increase your productivity and improve your academic performance. Here's how to create your own study oasis!

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Our Best Advice for Life With College Roommates

Adjusting to life with a new roommate can be fun or really stressful. Learn how you can choose your roommate, get along, and more with all our top advice.


Smart Ideas to Decorate and Save Space in Your College Dorm or Apartment

Your dorm or apartment is a big part of your college experience, so it must be comfortable and functional. Upgrade your space with these helpful tips!

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How Can I Make Exercising Easier and More Fun in College?

Struggling to incorporate exercise into your daily college life? We have some expert advice on making it fun and easy to keep up with.


How to Set Up an Effective Exercise Routine Living in a Dorm

Looking for an effective daily exercise routine that's easy to keep up with? We've got some ideas for you, including equipment you can buy for your dorm.

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Tyler's Ultimate College Cooking Collection: All the Best Microwave Recipes

It’s the ultimate cookbook for college students! Check out all our favorite College Cooking videos for easy recipes you can make in your microwave.


5 Great College Pets for Responsibility and Stress Relief

College can be lonely, and a good pet can go a long way for stress relief. Here are some pets to consider that you may be able to keep in your dorm room.


5 Major Benefits of Becoming a Resident Assistant in College

Becoming a resident advisor is a lot of responsibility but a great experience. Here are some major benefits to consider, plus tips on how you can become one.

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8 Important Steps for Your Dorm Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air, and so should be the fresh scent of a clean dorm! Follow these steps to get your room in tip-top shape with some spring cleaning.

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Learn and Live With the Benefits of a Residential College

Residential colleges are a great way to get the resources of a large university but the community of a small college. Here's what to know about these special programs.

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