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How I Chose My (Double) Major

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Having trouble deciding on a major? Here's how one student struggled to find her path and how she decided to double-major in college. read more

The Long Way: How I Chose My College Majors

Student, Wellesley College

Go on a four-year college journey with one student as she examines the classes she took and reasons behind choosing a major. read more

The Power of a Business Minor

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If your calling is in a major with lackluster job opportunities, it's hard to stand by your dreams. Alas, the economy doesn't change your talent for ceramics or passion for Eastern studies or desire to play music. What is a prospective student to do? read more

How do I choose between three or more truly different majors?

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I would not be concerned about choosing a major before you enter college. Most colleges require that you take general education or core requirements that will expose you to a variety of disciplines. read more

How do you double-major in college?


Double majors are available at most colleges, and sometimes you can do them within four years. read more

Increase the Value of Your Science Degree

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According to the U.S. Department of Education, the positions requiring science degrees are on the rise. You want to make sure that you can stand out above the competition. As you look forward to winter break and the holidays, spend time coming up with ideas to enhance your degree. With the increased competition, you may have to obtain more than a bachelor's degree read more

What are the benefits of double majors?

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Choosing a major in college is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life! While there is considerable amount of pressure being placed on students today to choose a major, many times this does not just simply occur magically. read more