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How Do I Choose Between Very Different Majors?

You may have a few ideas of what you want to academically pursue in college, but how do you make a choice between them all? Our experts have some advice.

Charlotte M. Klaar, PhDCharlotte M. Klaar, PhD
Klaar College Consulting LLC
I would not be concerned about choosing a major before you enter college. Most colleges require that you take general education or core requirements that will expose you to a variety of disciplines. You will find one or two that excite you, I promise. While you're in high school, you should give serious thought to what you like and don’t like to do, what you are good at, and what you are not so good at. Try out part-time jobs in settings that incorporate what you are good at and like to do. See if the people you meet and the settings in which you work give you some insight into the possible career options you have. You can also go to the college career center early in your freshman year and have them do some career assessments with you to help you choose your courses and your major.

Nathan MannetterNathan Mannetter
Admission Counselor
Gonzaga University
Choosing a major is a very important step in your education. First, it is important to understand when you must declare a major. Some universities will not require the declaration of a major until after some time on campus; others will require direct admission into specific programs. The best way to choose what you may want to study is to experience the different fields of study. Use job shadows, internships, or volunteer work to interact with people who work in the field to see what that particular field would offer you. If you have time on campus before you have to declare your major, it would be best to take a class in each of the different majors you may be interested in, use this time in class to decide if you enjoy any of the fields of study more than the others. Experiencing different majors both in the classroom and in the professional world will give you a better understanding of exactly which field you are passionate about.

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