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Scholarships for International Students: How to Find Them and Other Top Tips

The scholarship search for international students can be overwhelming but so rewarding. Start your search with these resources and tips from a real student! read more

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Great Global Universities for International Students

Universities worldwide are looking for international students to join their campuses! Check out these great options in the Netherlands, China, and Abu Dhabi. read more


Top Tips for Writing and Editing Your University Apps

Good organization, writing, and editing are important to any college application and admission essay. An international student offers her best advice here! read more

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International University Search: How to Find the Most Aid

Many international students want to attend university in the US, but money may be an obstacle. Learn about schools that offer generous financial aid here! read more

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How COVID-19 Is Affecting International Students

The coronavirus is affecting international students even more so than higher education students in their own countries. Here's what they're facing this fall. read more

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The Best Things to Do While Studying Abroad in Ireland

There are so many new experiences to have when you're studying abroad. If you're studying an Ireland, here's a guide for the best things you can do! read more

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9 Tips to Make Studying Abroad More Successful

Studying abroad isn't as simple as flying to another country and taking some classes at a different school. To really get the most of your time, use these tips for acing your program and enjoying a new cultural experience. read more

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3 Big Study Abroad Expectations (vs. What It's Really Like)

Think you know what a semester abroad will be like? Find out if your expectations meet reality from someone who studied abroad in Spain--you might be surprised by what she learned! read more

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend University in Europe

Does the price of a US college education make your eyes bulge? Consider a seemingly more sophisticated (but much cheaper) option for university across the pond. read more

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7 Reasons the United States Should Be Your Study Destination

Considering a US education for university? Check out these seven reasons you should study in the United States. read more

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