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Quick Advice for Taking on Student Leadership Positions

CollegeXpress Student Writer

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How to Become a Great Student Leader in High School

Education Writer

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8 Leadership Qualities All Students Should Have

Content Marketer, Venngage

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Leadership in High School: What Does It Mean?

CollegeXpress Student Writer

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Becoming an Exemplary Student Leader

Coauthor, The Student Leadership Challenge: Five Practices for Becoming an Exemplary Leader

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Preparing to Become a Future Leader in Energy

President and CEO, The Oxford Princeton Programme

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The Top 10 Ways You Can Help Your Students Stand Out to Colleges

Founder and President, College Bound Mentor, LLC

The interactions that teachers, club advisors, coaches, guidance counselors, and school administrators have with students can have remarkable, lasting impact on students and help shape their life philosophy and sense of self. read more

Inspiring Cultural Leadership in College Students

Assistant Professor, Author, Speaker

Most college educators agree that we are not simply in the business of manufacturing college graduates but, more importantly, developing conscious citizens. And inspiring this complex understanding of the world and what role you have to play in making an impact is ultimately about leadership. read more

Guide Freshmen Through the Next Four Years, Part II

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

For incoming freshmen, high school may seem like an exciting succession of dances, football games, pep rallies, and burgeoning independence. And it is - but it's also the time when they'll become the people behind their college applications. read more