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Where Are All the Math Majors?

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Math is important. Math isn't evil. Math is reachable. So where are all the Math majors out there? read more

Math Majors and Potential Jobs

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Math is at the heart of most sciences--or the heart of everything, depending on who you talk to. When you love math, you see the beauty in numbers. Studying mathematics and pursuing jobs that rely on it will allow you to explore those intricacies for the rest of your days in many varied fields. read more

Math and "When Are We Ever Going to Use It?"

President, Singular Value Consulting

A math major and professional answers the age-old question . . . read more

What Can You Do With a Math Degree?

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So you like math, and you're thinking about declaring a major in it. But you wonder: what kind of job can I get? read more