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Top Careers for Myers-Briggs Personality Types: ENTP

CollegeXpress Student Writer

A series devoted to Myers-Briggs personality types and recommended jobs for each type. This edition: ENTP (extroversion, intuition, thinking, perception). read more

Experiencing the 2016 US Presidential Election From Abroad

Student, Occidental College

Naomi was studying abroad in Japan on November 8, 2016, so she had to watch the election results unfold from afar--while surrounded by people who couldn't really understand what she was going through. This is what it was like. read more

Your Vote Matters

Student, West Henderson High School

Look past the yelling matches to the facts about each candidate and where they stand on issues that are important to you, such as your education. When you do, you'll see: your vote (or your parents' vote) matters. read more

Social Sciences and Humanities Majors and Potential Jobs

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Why do people act, dress, and live like they do? From the cultures that comprise the world today to the ancient civilizations we can't seem to learn enough about, the social sciences and humanities allow you to explore all that separates humans from the other primates. read more

Find a Mentor for Your Summer Research Project

Editor, Porter Sargent Handbooks

Summer is a great time to work on research projects outside of school. Here are some tips to help you get started on a research project of your own. read more

Forgotten Majors Series: What Can I Do with a History Degree?

Student, English Education, Purdue University

This 10-part series will look at those forgotten majors: the ones that do not seem to have job fairs, the ones that people ask, "What will you do with that?" Today, we look at a history degree. read more

Don't Know Much About History?

Editor, Porter Sargent Handbooks

History course work could be an unfortunate casualty of the campaign to raise test results in reading and mathematics. But that makes the summer the perfect time to catch up. Even better, specialized programs allow students to spend extended time on historical periods that may be discussed only briefly or omitted entirely from their high school curricula. read more

What Can You Do With a Political Science Degree?

Freelance Writer

Maybe you're thinking of majoring in political science. But doesn't that mean you have to go to law school or run for office someday? Absolutely not. read more