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Quiz: What Dorm Item Should Santa Bring You?

What should Santa bring for your dorm? Take this quiz and we'll make your wish list for you. read more


What College Major Should You Pick Based On Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

Presenting an extremely scientific and useful approach to picking a college major: your Halloween candy preferences. read more


Quiz: Can You Match the Unusual Mascot to the College?

Tired of the typical birds and predators cheering on teams? Take this quiz to match some of the most unique college mascots with the schools they call home. read more

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Quiz: What Elective Should You Take Next Semester?

Electives, electives, electives. So many to choose from. How can you decide? This quiz will help! read more


Quiz: Which Campus Job Is Right for You?

Looking for a job on campus? Take this fun quiz to find out just where you should work, plus find helpful advice to get your part-time job search started! read more


Quiz: Which College Mascot Are You?

In the spirit of March Madness, take our quiz and find out which college mascot matches your personality! read more


What Should You Major in Based on Your Favorite Holiday Movie?

On the fence about what to major in? See if your favorite holiday movie can point you in the right direction! read more

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