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How to Know When Your College List Is Final

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Finalizing a list of colleges to apply to is a lot of pressure! Here's how to make sure you end up with a list you're proud of with schools that suit all your needs read more

The Golden Rule of College Transfers

CEO, Admissionado

Aim high in your college transfer ambitions, and you never know where the future may take you. read more

What is your approach for helping students who don't have the qualifications for their top-choice schools?

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We never treat students like they are fixed points in time and space--we help them think of ideas that take their ideas to the next level so that they can maximize their options for college. read more

What are some common misconceptions students have about the college admission process?

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That they cannot control the outcome. They need to put their best foot forward but also realize that being rejected does not mean they failed. read more