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The Best Ways to Improve Your SAT Scores

The SAT is difficult to master, but there are ways to improve your scores if they aren't high enough. Here's how to bring up your score for each section. read more

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What Is More Important: Your GPA or SAT Scores?

Knowing how all your college application info is weighed into the admission decision is important, but which is more important: your GPA or your SAT scores? read more

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10 SAT Score Improvement Tips

The SAT is challenging, so don't feel bad if the test didn't go well the first time. Improve your SAT test scores for your retake with these top tips! read more

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Understanding Standardized Tests and Scores

Standardized testing is a dreaded part of the college application process and one not many students fully understand. Read on for a quick intro to these exams. read more

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How to Set Good Expectations for Your SAT or ACT Scores

What really counts as a "low" SAT or ACT score? What's an "average" score? And, most importantly, what's a reasonable score for you? read more

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How Do Colleges Accept Scores If I Retake the SAT?

Students often wonder if retaking the SAT will benefit them, and important question to ask is how college accept scores if they do. Our experts have the answer. read more

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