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Understanding Standardized Tests and Scores

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Standardized testing is a dreaded part of the college application process and one not many students fully understand. Read on for a quick intro to these exams. read more

How to Set Good Expectations for Your SAT or ACT Scores

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Western Washington University

What really counts as a "low" SAT or ACT score? What's an "average" score? And, most importantly, what's a reasonable score for you? read more

If you retake the SAT does the higher score replace the lower score or do they average the two scores?


The way in which your SAT score is calculated depends upon the college you're applying to; however, averaging scores is not a common practice for undergraduate admission exams. read more

Infographic: Interpreting Your SAT Scores


Once the wait is over and you finally get your SAT scores, you might find yourself befuddled as you attempt to understand what they mean. This infographic from the test prep pros at Magoosh will help you decode your score report. read more

The SAT Subject Test

Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

This test isn't required for admission to all colleges, so why take it? Learn here! read more