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Everything You Need for Your Dorm Room

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Dorm room shopping can add a whole new meaning to the word stress. Here's a list to get you on the right track for back-to-school shopping. read more

Top Gifts for College-Bound Students


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Making the Most of Your Dorm Space

Student, Greencastle High School

Quick and easy tips to help you make the most of your limited space! read more

How to Save Money Dorm Room Shopping

Student, Southeastern Louisiana University

Before you start weeping into your case of Top Ramen, try these five ways of saving money while shopping for the many necessities of dorm living. read more

Exploring Your College City

Contributing Editor, Carnegie Communications

Students can fall in love with a campus nearly instantly--but this doesn't always leave room to explore the more practical side of things, from the nearest grocery store to nightlife to transportation. read more

Cheap Thrills: Tips On Grocery Shopping For Less

DJ and News Commentator, WTBU; Blogger and Journalist

For most college students buying groceries every week is not a concern because dining plans, for the most part, provide their daily nourishment. But for students who may not have meal plan, shopping for food can sometimes break the bank and be a little difficult too. read more