6 Cool Gadgets to Get for Your Dorm or Workspace

Learning is enhanced by the technology we use. Take your studying to the next level with these cool tools and resources, ranging from expensive to affordable.

Whether you’re in a traditional dorm room or your bedroom in your childhood home, it’s crucial to set up a dedicated workspace for college so you can achieve high levels of productivity. Regardless of your major, your coursework likely takes up most of your time. That’s why you should look into some must-have gadgets for your homework setup. 

Research shows that the environment you work in can affect your productivity and output, so adding certain gadgets and tools to your study space can help you remain focused. Things like temperature, air quality, lighting, and noise all play a role in your environment. If you’re looking for cool gadgets for your at-home workspace or dorm room, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of six must-have gadgets for your dorm room that'll bring your workspace to the next level so you can be more productive during those late-night study sessions.

1. Apple AirPods Pro

If you don’t already have a pair of Apple AirPods Pro, you’re missing out on great sound quality for your background study music. AirPods come with active noise cancellation, and they’re one of the best pairs of wireless headphones on the market. You can accept calls, skip forward or backward while listening to music, switch between Active Noise Cancellation or Transparency mode, and even ask Siri questions hands-free while you work. All it takes is a couple of clicks to perform any of these tasks.

2. Apple MacBook Air

You likely need a laptop to do research and homework, attend online classes, hop on Zoom for a call with your advisor, and many other things. The Apple MacBook Air is a perfect option for college students. The Air model is even included in Apple’s education pricing, meaning you can receive a discount for being a student when purchasing one. The laptop is light yet durable, only weighing 2.8 pounds. It has plenty of space to store all your assignments and contains essential internal technology to power you through your coursework. While Apple products tend to be more expensive, it’s okay to splurge as a college student every once in a while when it’s something reliable you need for school purposes.

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3. KwikBoost EdgePower Clamp-On Desktop Charging Unit

The KwikBoost EdgePower Desktop Charging Unit comes in handy when you need it most. The last thing you want is for any of your devices to run out of battery, especially when you’re finishing up and turning in any assignments at the last minute. Consider purchasing this desktop charging unit to have easy access to all your charging necessities without leaving your workspace. Its clamp-on feature allows you to attach the unit to most tables or desks, so you can bring it to your college’s library or keep it in your dorm room.

4. Readerest Blue Light Blocking Glasses

You’re likely spending a lot of time on your laptop, phone, or tablet—we all do. Readerest’s Blue Light Blocking Glasses will help you prevent eyestrain. Many Readerest glasses are affordable, so you won’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on them. And there are plenty of designs that will suit any type of college student. Some of the top-selling glasses are the Duran, Feisty Sister, and Spring Hills models. Consider purchasing a pair of blue light glasses to keep you on top of your game and protect your eyes while you’re working.

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5. Avantree Neetto Lapdesk

You’d be lying if you said you’ve never done homework from your bed. It’s understandable, considering how busy you are and how much cozier it is than sitting at your desk! While it’s best to get your homework done at a designated workspace, your bed is the place you can feel most comfortable, and sometimes you need that. For when you do your work in bed, you’ll need the Avantree Neetto Lapdesk. It’s a laptop bed table equipped with adjustable legs so you can change the height for your needs. The lapdesk is foldable, portable, and serves multiple purposes, such as eating breakfast in bed or watching your favorite Netflix show.

6. RocketBook Core Smart Notebook

Note-taking plays an important role in your everyday life as a college student. You likely take notes for every class you are in, and the RocketBook Core Smart Notebook can bring your skills to the next level. The smart notebook works similarly to traditional pen and paper, except it’s endlessly reusable and connected to the cloud. When you write on the Core notebook with pens from RocketBook’s Pilot Frixion line, you can easily erase what you’ve written with a drop of water. These notebooks come with one Pilot Frixion pen and a microfiber cloth for easy erasing.

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College can be stressful and overwhelming. To stay on top of your coursework and achieve high productivity levels, consider looking into some of these cool, must-have gadgets for your workspace. All these tools are great gift ideas to help you perform well academically and have an amazing school year!

For more cool ways to upgrade your work area, check out our article How to Make Your Dorm the Perfect Study Space.

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