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Building Communication Skills Through Summer Jobs

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Want to make sure your child breaks away from their phone this summer? A summer job will do just that, plus give them valuable communication skills. Here's how. read more

Spend Your Summer Learning With MOOCs

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Looking for a way to impress your prospective colleges and learn something new this summer? Consider a MOOC to boost your intellect and your resume. read more

Job Shadowing: A Productive Way for High School Students to Spend Their Summer

Founder, Moon Prep

Looking for a productive way to spend your summer as a high school student? Here are a few tips on how to clinch job-shadowing opportunities. read more

What to Do the Summer Before Senior Year of High School

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The summer before senior year is for relaxing, watching TV, and preparing a mind-blowing college application. And, yes, you have time for all three! read more

Make the Most of Your Last Summer Before College

Market Research Analyst, Carnegie Communications

The summer before college should be an exciting one. Here are a few things you should do this summer in the midst of all your busyness and anticipation. read more

Do admission counselors consider summer activities?

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Admission counselors love to hear about the activities you've found engaging over the summer, but there aren't any particular activities we look for on applications. read more