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How to Choose a STEM Major From All Your Different Options

CollegeXpress Student Writer

With so many different STEM majors and subfields, it can be hard to decide what you want to study in college. This breakdown of all the STEM options will help you figure out which is best for you. read more

A 5-Step Guide to Unplugging From Technology This Semester

Student, Emerson College

Have you ever thought about just how much time you spend on your phone or using other technology? It's probably way more than you realize. Why not take a break? read more

The Top 7 Apps for High School Students

High School Student

With these seven helpful apps, your phone will become as valuable as any textbook, if not more. read more

4 Differences Between Graduate and Undergrad STEM Programs

Senior Director of Graduate Enrollment Management and Admissions, New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering

For many STEM students, the idea of pursuing graduate study is nothing new. But the transition to an advanced degree still might come as a shock. read more

"Augmented Reality" on Campus

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, YouVisit

"Virtual reality" is old news. Colleges are now using "augmented reality." And it's pretty awesome. read more

Why I Became a Teacher: Erin Denniston, Elementary School Science Coordinator

Science Specialist, McDougle Elementary School

Ask any teacher and they'll tell you: education is a calling. Here they share their stories of how and why they decided to become educators. read more

Thinking About a STEM Major? Your Financial Future Looks Bright


There are lots of great reasons to major in a STEM subject, but in case you need another one, it turns out graduates with STEM degrees go on to earn a pretty penny. read more

Encouragement for Girls in STEM from an Unexpected Source


Engineer. Computer scientist. Cosmetics developer? Here's a look at how one makeup company is helping promote STEM careers among girls. read more

Girls Have Skill(z) Too

Student, University of Central Florida

Historically, the field of computer science has been a bit of a "boys club." But women are gaining ground thanks to programs like IBM's Master the Mainframe contest. Here, a participant shares her experiences and encourages girls to explore careers in technology. read more

At Singularity University, the Future is Now

Senior Assistant Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

A non-university in Silicon Valley is fostering the development of awe-inspiring advances in science and technology. read more