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Words of Wisdom from Graduating Seniors, Class of 2018


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5 Ways to Get a Head Start on the College Admission Process

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Does This Count?! Figuring Out What to Include in Your College Apps

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What Do Your High School Extracurricular Activities Say About You to Colleges?

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First of all, let's clear up what "extracurricular activities" are. If you're thinking, "Hey, I play video games a lot and that's outside of school," unfortunately you're out of luck. read more

5 Legit Ways to Beef Up Your College Applications

Founder and President, CollegePrep360; Author

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Important Skills and Character Traits for College Entrepreneurs

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7 Things You Must Do Your Freshman Year of College

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7 Things to Consider When Choosing a College

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Why Grades Aren't Everything

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10 Attainable New Year's Goals for College Students

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