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How Should School Rankings Affect My College Search?

It's critical not to let national rankings drive your entire college search process. Find out why here!

CX experts generic imageRhiannon Schade
Director of College Counseling
Collegewise of Millburn

College rankings shouldn’t affect your search all that much. But if you do use college rankings as you build your college list, it’s critical not to let them drive your entire college search process. Why? A list built exclusively through national rankings takes you out of the equation! It assumes that the whole of your success after college has everything to do with where you went to school and nothing to do with what you did while you were there. This is not a healthy assumption. Your life after college is much more informed by the extent to which you took advantage of the resources and opportunities available to you on your campus—not whether the college you attended was “prestigious" or a "name brand" school.

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