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Diversity Profile

Engaging the culture, changing the world

Seattle Pacific University students, faculty, and alumni are “engaging the culture” and “changing the world.” They’re serving youth in poverty, developing computer languages, pursuing legal careers to advocate for social justice, and creating nutrition programs for senior citizens. They’re bringing knowledge, skill, faith, and hope to communities across the globe.

Scholarship with a difference
Because of its location, SPU offers students a unique opportunity to live, learn, and work in one of the nation’s most beautiful and exciting cities. Located only 10 minutes from downtown, Seattle Pacific offers financial aid and scholarships that, for many students, make their total cost less than many public universities. With an average of 23 students per class, students learn from experienced professors who know them by name. The results are exciting. Consistently, 90% or more of SPU’s Pre-med students are accepted to medical schools.

SPU’s clear Christian commitment brings depth to the classroom, linking academic competence with the formation of personal character. The University aims to help students graduate with a deep, thoughtful faith—and the desire for Christian leadership and service.

A growing diversity
Seattle Pacific is home to the John Perkins Center for Reconciliation, Leadership Training, and Community Development. Founded in partnership with renowned evangelical leader John Perkins, this first-of-its-kind center focuses on guiding our community toward justice, community development, and reconciliation. The University is hiring a chief diversity officer: a member of the Senior Leadership Team who will focus on issues of diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation.

SPU’s Office of Multi-Ethnic Programs, led by the dean of Multi-Ethnic and Wellness Programs, plans Early Connections to welcome and support new students from diverse backgrounds. Thirty-eight percent of undergraduates are students of color, and Early Connections Orientation is the beginning of ongoing activities to support, connect, and equip students from diverse backgrounds for college success.

Seattle Pacific also provides renewable scholarships for underrepresented students of color through the Ames Scholarships. Once enrolled, first-year scholars receive faculty or staff mentorship, along with their regular faculty advisor. In addition, any student who applied for Washington State’s College Bound program and meets SPU’s GPA and test score requirements will receive full tuition, all four years, as a Falcon Bound scholar.

Seattle Pacific students originate from 45 states and 39 foreign countries. SPU has 13 multicultural clubs, which include the Asian American Association, the Black Student Union, and the Minority Association for Pre-health Students.

Student government’s diversity initiatives include a vice president for Intercultural Affairs (paid student-staff position), the intercultural initiatives committee Catalyst, and an elected position of intercultural senator. Every residence hall on campus also has a student social justice director.

Get the inside scoop
SPU’s online story hub, etc, is more than a name—it’s SPU’s vision: to engage the culture and change the world. Serving as a bridge between the SPU community and high school and college students, etc tells the stories that make us uniquely Seattle Pacific. Read it at



Denominational affiliation: SPU is an independent university founded in 1891 by the Free Methodist Church of North America. Students and faculty represent more than 50 different Christian denominations.   

Location: Seattle Pacific’s 43-acre campus is located in a residential neighborhood on the north slope of Queen Anne Hill, only 10 minutes from downtown Seattle. SPU also owns and operates a wilderness campus and field station on Blakely Island and a seaside campus/retreat facility on Whidbey Island.

Total enrollment: 4,061