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All Colleges of the Fenway Schools in Boston

Boston is a popular college destination for many students due to its renown for arts, entertainment, and—of course—sports! Students can study in the shadow of the Green Monster...

Associated Colleges of Illinois

The Windy City isn't the only place to find excellent colleges in Illinois...

Associated Colleges of the Midwest

You can get a great education here, doncha know.

Associated Colleges of the South

Servin' up southern hospitality with a side of academia.

Associated Colleges of the St. Lawrence Valley

These four schools work, play, and survive the wicked harsh upstate New York winters together.

Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, watch over this five-college brood.

Atlanta University Center

This grouping of historically black colleges and universities is committed to providing quality education to African Americans and other students of diversity.

Baltimore Collegetown

Even though it's a small area, this coastal city boasts some great colleges and universities, not to mention awesome crab cakes.

Birmingham Area Consortium for Higher Education

Students can travel all around Alabam' if they choose to attend a BACHE school.

Central Pennsylvania Consortium

A trio of great schools in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

College Members of the National Student Exchange

These schools offer a "domestic alternative" to study abroad, allowing students to study for a full year at member colleges. Buffalo, New York, is practically a world away from...

Five-College Consortium

These five schools in northern Massachusetts didn't need the bright lights of Boston to succeed. Maybe that's because they chose to stick together.

Great Lakes Colleges Association

You think they all go swimming together in Lake Superior too?

Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges

These schools are nestled together in the quaint Lehigh Valley area of eastern Pennsylvania.

Liberal Arts Colleges to Consider That Offer Great Sciences

Way back in the 1980s, the presidents of 50 selective liberal arts colleges had a little conference at Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio. And the Oberlin Group of Liberal Arts...

Member Colleges of the Oak Ridge Consortium

This huge consortium is just for doctorate-granting institutions. Undergraduate schools need not apply.