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Colleges Supportive of Black Student Needs

These schools have lots of student groups, administrators, offices, and resources devoted to Black students.

Colleges with Active Black Communities

We like busy student groups. They plan cool campus events, and they throw the best parties, which often involve free food.

Colleges with a Tradition of Support for Black Student Needs

The schools on this list always have been and always will be supportive of their Black students.

Colleges with the Largest Enrollment of Black, Non-Hispanic Students

We dug through our database to find the total enrollment of African American students at each college.

Community Colleges Awarding the Most Associate Degrees to Black Students

An associate degree is a great stepping stone to further education, and these are the top community colleges graduating the most Black students with...

Historically Black Colleges and Universities

Each college and university on this list was founded on the belief that every person is entitled to a great education. This list was updated as of 2021.

The Experts' Choice: Colleges Right for Black Students

We asked our college counselors to look beyond the Historically Black Colleges and Universities to name additional colleges with ample resources and...

Top 10 Historically Black Colleges

You want the best of the best Historically Black Colleges and Universities? Look no further. This list is updated as of 2021.