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7 Deadly Sins for Graduate School Applicants

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Author, Enrollment Expert

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Top 10 College Admission Mistakes

Dean of Admissions, Saint Mary's College of California

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College Application Proofreading Tips From an Editor-in-Chief

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The 4 Biggest College Application Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making

Student, Flathead High School

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5 Ways to Kill Your College Application Essay

Managing Editor, Peterson's & EssayEdge

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9 Errors You're Making in Your Graduate School Application

Freelance Writer

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Letter of Intent Do's and Don'ts

Freelance Writer

Your letter of intent should convince the graduate admission committee that you're a valuable addition to their program. These do's and don't will help you do just that. read more

Should I take classes I know I'll do well in, or harder courses?


The one mistake I often see students making is taking an easier curriculum to elevate their GPA. What they are doing is basically limiting their ability to stretch their academic knowledge, setting them back during the first year of college. Students who take a challenging curriculum will have a better appreciation of the work required in college and adapt better. read more