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What's the Pre-College Summer Program Application Process Like?

Some summer programs require an application many months in advance. Some only require registration. Find out more on CX now!


Top Tips for Applying to Big Colleges

It's easy to fall through the cracks when applying to large public colleges. One high school senior offers his top tips to help students navigate the process and stand out among the tens of thousands of other applicants.

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Top 10 Tips for International Graduate Students

Finding the right graduate program is tough. Finding the right program as an international student is even tougher. Here are 10 important issues to keep in mind.


Why an Independent Educational Consultant Might Benefit Your Child

Requirements, expectations, and interactions have changed a great deal since you were a student, and the combination of understanding how important the college admission process is, while not quite knowing how to help your child achieve their goals, can make watching your child apply for school stressful! Here's how an IEC can help.

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Do Connections With Admission Officials Help Students?

Admission officials are the end all, be all of getting into college. Does knowing a couple insiders help your students? Our experts weigh in.

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How Can I Help Students With Admission Essays?

Application essays are a huge part of the admission process. Help your students write their best work with this advice from our experts.

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