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What's the Difference Between Co-ops and Internships?

Internships and co-ops are both great experiential learning opportunities in college. But what's the difference between the two? Our expert has the answer. read more


What's the Best Major to Prepare Me for Medical School?

Wondering what you should study as an undergraduate to best prepare for your future medical school admission process? Check out our expert's advice! read more


What Is Naviance and How Do I Use It?

Many high schools use Naviance to help students plan for college, but what is it all about? Learn more about this college and career readiness tool here! read more


Does Taking a Gap Year Affect College Admission?

Many students consider taking a gap year but worry it will affect their admission status or future college admission. Here's what to know from an expert. read more


Is the SAT/ACT Worth It With New Test-Optional Policies?

With so many schools going test-optional due to the pandemic, students are wondering if standardized testing is worth it. Here's what one expert has to say! read more


How Can I Make the Transition to College Easier?

Worried about starting your first semester in the fall? Check out our experts' top tips to help you make a smooth transition from high school to college. read more

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How Do Colleges and Universities Track Student Interest?

How does a school know you're interested in them? You have to demonstrate your interest, and our experts know exactly how you can do that. Find out now! read more


How Do I Help Students Brainstorm College Essay Ideas?

When it comes to brainstorming admission essay topics, you should keep it simple. Check out these exercises that can help counselors and students work together! read more


Should I Avoid Cliches in My College Admission Essay?

Is it okay to use a cliche in your college application essay? The answer might surprise you. Read our expert's advice here! read more


What College App Mistakes Should Students Avoid?

Students often worry about a mistake on their college application affecting their admission. Here are common things to look out for that our experts suggest. read more


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