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Careers for Students Who Want to Make a Difference in the World

Freelance Writer

If you want to help people with your future career, you need to take a look at this list. And get ready to make a difference in the world. read more

College Students: Knowing a Foreign Language Can Help Your Career

Founder, Kindred PR

Here are five reasons why knowing a foreign language can help your post-college career. And if you don't know a second language already, now is a great time to learn... read more

Transferable Skills for College Students: The Secret to Getting a Job

Freelance Writer

What are transferable skills? Why do you want them? Where can you get them? Here's everything college students need to know. read more

Job Search Tips for Grad Students


The prospect of getting a better job is one of the most common reasons for going to graduate school. With hustle, diligence, and a lot of planning, you can make it much easier to embark on a fulfilling career once you have that advanced degree. read more

50 Years, 2 Skills, and 1 Big Mistake: Career Advice Most College Students Never Hear

Professor, University of Waterloo; Author

How do you plan for a good career? Professor Larry Smith has some ideas. But beware...they're tough. read more

5 Dirty Little Secrets for Getting Your Dream Job After College

Senior Partner, MME; Author

Looking for your first job after college? These five little tips can help get you hired. read more

How to Land a Job in FinTech

Chief People Officer, YapStone

If you have a mind for innovation, technology, and challenging the status quo, FinTech (aka financial technology) might be a great first step in your professional career. read more

Why College Is More Than Grades

College Student

The key to finding a job after college isn't about your GPA; it's what you did during those four years to improve yourself as a person. read more

How to Find Internships for Business Majors

CEO and Founder, GetSet

Internships are an important tool for gaining experience and learning about one's preferences and interests. read more

Internships: Your Dream Job Diving Board

Student, Fairhaven High School

Internships are a perfect stepping stone between school and a career: A classroom provides you with a teacher. A career provides you with experience. Internships provide both. read more