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Easy No-Essay Scholarships You Need to Know About Right Now

Essay requirements may prevent you from applying for a lot of scholarships. But these no-essay options can help you win some easy money for college!

Senior Assistant Editor, CollegeXpress

The Ultimate List of Easy Scholarships to Apply for Now

No long essays. No recommendation letters. Just lots of scholarships that are easy to apply to and practically anyone can win. Updated for 2024!


The Ultimate Scholarship Guide: Searching for Scholarships

Welcome back to the second installment of a three-part series all about scholarships! It's time to learn how, when, and where to search for scholarship awards.

Director of Communications, Commonwealth School

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Scholarship Search Strategy

What strategies should you use as you're searching for college scholarships? Here's some great advice to expand your search and help you win more money.

CollegeXpress Student Writer