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How to Be an Amazing Intern

Freelance Writer

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Make Your Internship Work For You

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Internship Do's and Don'ts

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Top 10 Tips for Your First Job

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What looks better on a résumé: an internship or a cooperative education position?


I'm not sure it really matters. What looks best on a résumé is substantive experience. read more

How to Find Internships for Business Majors

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Hate Your Summer Job? Don't Get Hot Around the Collar!

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Cooperative Education Programs: An Inside Look


Cooperative education programs may be the key to your college success and beyond. Here, students and faculty share some of the real-life ups and downs of co-op. read more

Internships and Co-ops Q&A


Internships and co-ops are really more than jobs; they're learning experiences. One of the great things about them is that you win no matter what you do, because virtually any experience is good experience. read more