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Great Colleges and Universities for Performing Arts in the Midwest and West

Looking for a college or university with great Performing Arts programs? These schools across the West and Midwest may have just what you're looking for.


Great Colleges and Universities for Performing Arts in the South

Do you have a passion to perform ready to burst from you? These arts schools in the Southern United States are great places to earn your degree and shine!


Great Colleges and Universities for Performing Arts in the Northeast

Planning to study Music, Dance, or Theater in college? These performing arts schools in the Northeastern United States are great places to earn a degree!


5 Great Schools for Aspiring Dancers

Looking to maximize your potential as a dancer? With top-level instruction and incredible mentors, these are some of the best places to study Dance in college.

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What Can You Do With an Arts Major?

There are plenty of jobs to be found for arts majors, no starving required. Take a look at what these former arts majors did with their degrees.

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College Audition Do's and Don'ts

Strengthen your college auditions and wow the judges with these tips and tricks!

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College Search Tips for Students in the Arts

If you're a high school student considering a major the arts, here are a few things to consider before choosing a college.

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Performing Arts Majors and Potential Jobs

Art in its many forms, all those things of beauty for beauty's sake, may not bring home the bacon all the time, but they certainly nourish the soul. Here we explore the most mainstream avenues of the arts and the surprisingly varied careers to which they may lead.


Portfolios, Home Tests, and Other Special Art School Applications

If you're planning on applying to an art or architecture school, be prepared for a few extra requirements along with your typical college application.


Dance and Art Therapy

Recreational therapy, including specialties in dance and art, may be the ideal way to combine a love of dance, art, or music with the desire to make a difference in the lives of others.


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