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How to Build the Perfect College List

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Whether you're an underclassman just thinking about college or a senior deciding on where to apply, these tips will help you organize your research and make your final college list. read more

What Really Matters in Your College Search

Senior Vice President for Enrollment and Institutional Planning, Drew University

Advice from an admission insider to help you discern what you truly want and need out of your college of choice. read more

LGBTQ Students: Campus Resources and the College Search

CollegeXpress Student Writer

Most colleges offer LGBQT resources for their students, there to provide support for all kinds of issues. read more

The Ultimate Guide to College Applications: How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Vice President of Admission and Financial Aid, Endicott College

All that soul searching to find the perfect college has come down to this, your application. But what actually goes into that mythical document? read more

The Perfect School in the Perfect Place: My College Search Dilemma

Student Writer

I've found some universities I like in cities I detest, and cities I love but not a university I want. This leaves me with a dilemma. Is there such thing as a perfect college match? read more

College Admission Process, Step-by-Step


When you break the college search down into steps, it's really not that scary. (We swear!) read more

How I Decided Where To Apply to College

Student, Judge Memorial Catholic High School

When it comes to applying to colleges, this student has been there, done that. Here's what she learned. read more

U.S. Graduate School Help for International Students

Executive Director of Enrollment; Director of International Students and Scholars; Queens College, City University of New York

Are you an international student considering a graduate degree in the United States? You're in good company...and you're about to get an inside look at how to achieve your goal. read more

Picking a College as a Homeschooler

College Student

The college search process can seem intimidating at first, especially for us homeschoolers. How can you figure out which college is your future home away from home? read more

Don't Lose Yourself Trying to Get Into College

Student, Corona del Sol High School

"Because it looks good on a college application." But is it good for you? read more