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Foreign Universities vs. US Colleges: What You Need to Know

Interested in pursuing a degree overseas? Here's what you need to know to start your international university search, plus factors that may differ from US colleges.

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Studying in a Different Country: The Rising Concern Over Tuition Costs

A recent study found that students throughout the world are more worried than ever about the cost of a university education. Read on to learn how these concerns compare globally and how students can squash them.

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6 Helpful Study Abroad Platforms and Resources for International Students

These popular platforms and companies can help make your dream of studying abroad (in the US or around the world!) a reality.

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6 Advantages of Going to University in the United States

The United States of America attracts students from all over the globe. Why? Here are six advantages of choosing to attend a college or university in the US.

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All About Studying in the United States and How to Get Started

What makes the US a great place to earn your degree? Here are the top reasons, plus ways you can start your search and make your university journey possible.

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