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Our Best Advice for the International Student’s University Search

Applying to US colleges as an international student can be overwhelming. Navigate any challenge with our best advice on admission, financial aid, and more.


6 Things to Think About If You Want to Study in a Foreign Country

Studying abroad is great, but it comes with more effort in the process of applying and attending. Here are six things you need to consider before going abroad.

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4 Great Destinations for International Students Pursuing Higher Education

COVID-19 changed a lot about education, and international students are looking for the best fit to attend university. Here’s a look at four top destinations.

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Expert Tips for Finalizing the US Admission Process

Finish up your university enrollment process with this expert advice on visas, exams, and resources from long-time admission consultant Beata Williams.

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Video: Going to College in a Different Country

Want to know what it's like to attend college in another country? Watch student vlogger Jordan-Paige's video to learn more about her experiences abroad.


Foreign Universities vs. US Colleges: What You Need to Know

Interested in pursuing a degree overseas? Here's what you need to know to start your international university search, plus factors that may differ from US colleges.

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5 of the Most Sustainable Universities in the World

If sustainability is important to you, check out these universities that are consistently ranked by UI GreenMetric for their epic environmental efforts.

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What's It Like? An Inside Look at College Life in Canada

Canada has amazing universities that attract top-tier students. Here's what to expect of the college admission process, learning, and life in Canada.

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Should I Recommend International Universities to My American Students?

Should your adventurous students say "see ya later!" to the US and consider applying to college in another country? One expert weighs the pros and cons.

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