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Where Should You Apply? Advice for All College-Bound Students

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Stanford University

Deciding where to apply to college can be difficult. Here's some advice to narrow your search and optimize your time researching. read more

The Secret to Gaining Admission to the Ivy League

Founder, Moon Prep

It's no easy feat to be accepted to the Ivy League and other top-tier universities. But being "pointy" instead of "well rounded" could do the trick... read more

How to Spot Crazy College Admission Myths

College Counselor, Collegewise

Everyone knows some crazy college admission stories about their friend's cousin twice removed. But which ones are true and what are just good yarns? Here's how to spot the difference! read more

What's So Special About the Ivy League?

Freelance Writer

What exactly is the "Ivy League" all about, and what makes these schools so special? read more

4 Myths About Getting into the Ivy League and Other Selective Colleges

Founder and President, CollegePrep360; Author

Here, an Ivy League insider debunks five popular misconceptions about selective college admission. Read on for tips that will help you "think like an Ivy League admission officer" and understand how the selection process really works. read more

Combatting BNCS: Brand-Name College Syndrome

High School Student

Let's talk about Brand-Name College Syndrome and how to cure it so you can continue your college search with an open mind. read more

Using Dialogue in Your Application Essay

Founder of Mint Tutors LLC

Admission officers are swamped. They want to be wowed by hopeful students' applications--including their admission essays. Try using dialogue to stand out! read more

"I, Too, Am Harvard" Project Starts Important Conversations

Writer, Senior Editor, Wintergreen Orchard House

The "I, Too, Am Harvard" multimedia project is taking the Internet by storm. Check out how the movement got started and where it's headed next. read more

West Coast Ivies: The Best Grad Schools on the West Coast

Test Prep Tutor and Writer, Grockit.com

The East Coast may have the members of the Ivy League, but grad programs on the West Coast have been steadily gaining on their East Coast counterparts for decades. So what schools are the "best in the west"? Here's a (completely subjective) list! read more

Want an Ivy League Degree? Consider Community College

Education Professional, Author

One higher ed insider offers a few reasons why high-achieving, Ivy-dreaming students and families should consider transferring from a community college. read more