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Ivy League Admission for International Students: Part 3

In this last installment, international students can learn about essays, application details, and final things to keep in mind for Ivy League admission. read more

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Ivy League Admission for International Students: Part 1

In part one of this three-part series, we discuss international students' desire to attend Ivy League institutions and the chances they have of admission. read more

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How Influential Is a Name-Brand College?

You may be wowed by the name recognition of certain institutions, but there are many other factors to consider when choosing a college. Learn more here. read more

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How to Spot Crazy College Admission Myths

We've all heard some crazy college admission stories...but which ones are true and what are just stories? Here's how to spot the difference!f read more

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What's So Special About the Ivy League?

What exactly is the "Ivy League," and what makes these schools so special? Learn all about these institutions and everything they have to offer here! read more

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4 Myths About the Ivy League and Selective Colleges

An Ivy League insider debunks four misconceptions about selective college admission. Read on for tips to help you think like an Ivy League admission officer. read more

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Using Dialogue in Your Application Essay

Admission officers are swamped. They want to be wowed by hopeful students' applications--including their admission essays. Try using dialogue to stand out! read more

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Want an Ivy League Degree? Consider Community College First

Dreaming of attending an Ivy League school? Here's why high-achieving students should consider starting at a community college then transferring. read more

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Ivy League Alternatives: Students Can Reach for the Stars with their Feet on the Ground

In the course of your career as a college counselor, you have no doubt encountered ambitious students with their sights set exclusively on attending Ivy League universities. As you know, these desirable eight schools are notoriously exclusive, to the extent that even highly qualified applicants are routinely denied admission. read more

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