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The Best Way to Pay for College as a Music Major: Become a Private Teacher

Owner and CEO, YourMusicLessons.com; Music Teacher

Music majors: did you know you could make $40+ an hour before graduating by teaching what you love? Here's how to become a private music teacher to make extra cash for college. read more

What Not to Do at a College Audition

Student Journalist

Have an audition on the horizon? You can knock it out of the park if you know what not to do. read more

Hit the High Notes at Summer Music Camps

Former Editor, Porter Sargent Handbooks

Today's summer opportunities for young musicians go way beyond singing Kumbaya. Whether you're thinking of applying to competitive music conservatories, or just want to improve your skills, there's a music summer camp or program out there for you. read more

Forgotten Majors Series: What Can I Do with a Music Degree?

Student, English Education, Purdue University

This 10-part series will look at those forgotten majors: the ones that do not seem to have job fairs, the ones that people ask, "What will you do with that?" Today, we look at a music degree. read more