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(Another) Day in the Life of a College Student


You probably have some inkling of what a typical day on campus is like: attend classes, do some homework, spend time in the library, eat in the dining hall, hang out with friends. Of course, that's just the beginning . . . read more

Myths About Adulthood (or: What I Learned on the Other Side)

Editor, Carnegie Communications

Who doesn't naively assume they will have life figured out when they "grow up"? Here's what one 20-something learned along the way. read more

What role can/should the parents play in their child's college search?


Parents should be the student's cheerleaders. They should also remember that this is the student's process to drive and that it is the student who is going to college. read more

A Day in the Life of a College Student

College Counselor, UIC College Prep

The college schedule is very different than the traditional high school schedule. You've probably already wondered what college will be like. Well, hopefully a glimpse at a day in the life of a college student will help sort some things out! read more

How to Avoid the Freshman 15

Educational Consultant, Research Psychologist, and Writer

Most students gain weight when they are in college. Some research points to a natural growth spurt that happens during those years, and others say the pizza-gorging, soda-guzzling, sedentary affinities of the college freshman is to blame. Maybe it's a little of both. read more