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Living The Sweet Dorm Life: 8 Roommate Communication Tips

Starting a new life in a dorm is a big adjustment for any student. Use these eight tips to maintain healthy communication with your new roommate.

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Living With Strangers: How to Prioritize Safety and Privacy

Protecting yourself in a new living situation is crucial for living a fulfilled life in college. Here's how to take precautions and find a great roommate.

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How to Be Smart When Picking Your College Roommate

Choosing a college roommate can be intimidating. You're expected to live with them for at least a year! Here's how to be smart when finding a roommate.

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Dorm Etiquette: 7 Simple Ways to Be a Considerate Resident

Living in a dorm with a roommate can be the best..or the worst. These tips will help you be a considerate dorm resident and get along with your roommate.

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3 Smart Ways to Track and Adjust Your Internet Usage

The expenses of living in an off-campus apartment are many, and some bills can fluctuate, like the one for your internet. Here are some tips for tracking your internet usage and keeping your bill as low as possible.

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6 Tips for College Move-In Day (From a Student Who Just Finished Unpacking)

It's back to school again, and new college students are moving into their dorms across the country! Here are some tips to help make move-in day as easy as possible, from a student who knows what you should and shouldn't do.

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A Guide to Help You With Your First Apartment Search

Your first apartment is a big step into adulthood. Whether you're getting a place off campus or moving postgrad, here are the basics to land a place.

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Top Tips to Find a College Roommate Who Matches Your Lifestyle

You've moved on from the college search to the roommate search! Here's how you can find a roomie you'll get along with the whole school year.

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Pros and Cons of Living With Roommates vs. Living Alone

The age-old question: Should I live with roommates, or will I be happier alone? We've collected all of the pros and cons of each option just for you.


How to Stay Healthy in College

With the right mindset and good information, you can stay healthy at college, even if you’re breathing the same air as other sickly students. Here's how.

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