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How to Choose a College When You Want to Help People

Freelance Writer

If you want to get involved with service learning, community outreach, and helping others in college, here's what to look for as you search for schools. read more

Catholic Education: For the Person You Want to Be

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of St. Thomas

There are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States. Catholic colleges and universities are especially well known as places where students thrive and succeed in every dimension of their lives. read more

A Look Inside the Soul of Service Learning

Vice President of Student Development, Lincoln Christian University

Service learning is, in a very technical sense, just that: learning through service. But why does this matter? Here, we explore the philosophical and spiritual foundations of service learning. read more

Service Learning: A Foundation of Catholic Education

Aquinas College, Class of 2013

Through service learning, Catholic colleges and universities allow students to combine contemporary education with a servant's heart. read more

Count on Service Learning

Dean of Admissions, Mount Mercy University

When is the whole greater than the sum of the parts? In the context of service learning, the total is always more than the combination of individual pieces. read more

How does campus life differ on a Christian college campus from a secular campus?

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While most colleges offer students a chance to explore issues of faith, a Christian college incorporates that process into their curriculum and sees that it is an obvious part of life on campus. read more