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Looking for a Unique First-Year Experience? Consider Studying Abroad

Why do you have to wait to go abroad in college? Many schools think you shouldn't! Learn about new study abroad programs now offered to incoming students.

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What Are the Advantages of Studying Abroad in College?

Why should you study abroad in college? Here are just a few advantages of traveling overseas, plus quick tips to help you have the adventure of a lifetime.


How to Land a Great Job Using Your Rich Study Abroad Experience

Studying abroad is a unique opportunity employers value. If you're starting the job or internship search, here's how to use that experience to land one.

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Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Taking Out a Loan to Study Abroad

You may need some financial help to make your study abroad dreams come true. Before you take out a loan, consider these five things to make a smart choice.

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3 Important Resources for Making Friends on a Foreign Campus

Making friends on campus as an international student can be intimidating. Here are three great resources to help you meet people naturally and comfortably.

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Study Abroad Opportunities: What You Should Know About SAI Programs

Students have a lot of options for study abroad. Learn more about SAI Programs and all its locations, academic programs, costs, and aid options right here.

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6 Things to Think About If You Want to Study in a Foreign Country

Studying abroad is great, but it comes with more effort in the process of applying and attending. Here are six things you need to consider before going abroad.

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4 Great Destinations for International Students Pursuing Higher Education

COVID-19 changed a lot about education, and international students are looking for the best fit to attend university. Here’s a look at four top destinations.

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5 Easy Ways to Experience Culture Without Going Abroad

The cost of studying abroad isn't feasible for many students. If you’re looking for cheaper ways to get intercultural experiences, check out these alternatives.

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5 Tips to Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience

Study abroad is not something you want to pass up. These tips can help you make the most of your experience and get all the benefits from your program.

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