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3 Big Study Abroad Expectations (vs. What It's Really Like)

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Think you know what a semester abroad will be like? Find out if your expectations meet reality from someone who studied abroad in Spain--you might be surprised by what she learned! read more

6 Helpful Study Abroad Platforms and Resources for International Students

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These popular platforms and companies can help make your dream of studying abroad (in the US or around the world!) a reality. read more

The Ultimate Study Abroad Timeline

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Planning your study abroad experience can be daunting. But this timeline breaks everything down, making the process a little less overwhelming read more

What You Need to Consider Before Studying Abroad

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If you think study abroad is in your future, this guide can help you decide when, where, and whether you should go. read more

10 Reasons You Should Study Abroad

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Here are 10 reasons why every student should consider studying abroad at some point during their college career. read more

7 Steps to Finding Your US University

International Admissions, Boston University

American universities are as diverse as the many countries of the world. So how can you know if you'll feel at home at a school halfway around the globe? Going through these steps is a good way to start! read more

How International Students Can Culturally Prepare for Studying in the United States

Student, Northwestern University

From one international student to another, here is a list of mental preparations you should think through before you leave. read more

All the Study Abroad Advice You'll Ever Need


The hows and whys of studying abroad, plus some handy lists of colleges and universities with strong study abroad programs. read more

What Do American Universities Want? Your Complete Guide to the U.S. College Search and Application Process

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Dean of International Student Services and Enrollment; Staff Writer, Northeastern University

How do you sort through all of your U.S. university options? How do you figure out what is required? And what do these schools really want to see on your application? Here's what you need to know. read more

Going (and Staying!) Abroad

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Whether you study abroad for a few weeks, months, or longer, you are almost certain to discover innumerable, invaluable things about the world, its people, and yourself. read more