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Our Best Advice for the Transfer Admission Process

We've gathered our best advice for the entire transfer process, from making the initial decision to adapting to your new college and everything in between. read more


How to Understand and Minimize Your Transfer Shock

Transferring to a new college is a big step with a lot of changes. Even if you think you're ready for those changes, you might still suffer from "transfer shock." Here's how to adjust to your new situation! read more

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6 Important Pieces of the Transfer Admission Process

Transferring is a hard process, but one thing is for sure: these six things are extremely important to your admission process and success as a transfer student. read more

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What is Same-Day Acceptance for Transfer Students?

Same-day acceptance, also known as instant decision day, is becoming more popular with transfer students looking to decrease the stress level and time commitment that comes with applying to a new university. read more


7 Things You'll Learn Your First Semester as a Transfer

Phoebe just finished her first semester as a transfer student, and she's already learned a lot of important lessons. Keep reading for seven tips she has to share with all new transfers. read more

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Useful College Resources Transfers Need to Know About

Transferring from to another school doesn't have to be stressful. There are many resources at your colleges of interest that will help you through transferring. read more

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From One College to Another: The Ultimate Transfer Guide

Transferring is a big step, but you don't have to go it alone. Here's a full guide to help you through the process of moving from one college to another. read more

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3 Important Things to Understand About Transfer Financial Aid

If you're transferring colleges and worried about costs, don't be—it can be more affordable than you think! Here's what to know about transfer financial aid. read more

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3 Important Factors to Finding Your Transfer College

Ensure you're making the most of your efforts to find a better college for you using these tips to figure out the right transfer-friendly school for your goals. read more

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How Can I Get Transfer References After a Short Time?

If you want to transfer colleges but don't feel like you've had time to build relationships to get a great recommendation letter, check out our experts' advice. read more

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