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Fred DeMatteis School of Engineering and Applied Science

The DeMatteis School was ranked 40th (out of 273) among undergraduate engineering programs at schools that do not grant doctoral degrees in engineering, according to the 2024 U.S. News & World Report

It is home to the new Science & Innovation Center, a 75,000-square-foot facility with lab spaces focused on big data, robotics, computer architecture, virtual reality, and more. It also houses a bioengineering lab, tissue culture facility, industrial engineering manufacturing lab, and a large makerspace to facilitate student prototyping. 

The DeMatteis School, which enrolls more than 900 students (approximately 780 undergraduates and 115 graduate students), educates and inspires students to become engineers and computer scientists who are creative, entrepreneurial, and prepared to tackle critical global challenges.

The DeMatteis School’s Co-op Program partners with more than 200 prominent engineering and technology firms to offer eligible students valuable work experience prior to graduation. Participating companies hire students after the fall or spring semester of their junior year to work on salary for a six- to eight-month period in a field related to their degree. After the completion of the co-op experience, students return to Hofstra to complete their degree requirements.

Learn more by visiting https://www.hofstra.edu/engineering-applied-science 

Undergraduate Engineering and Computer Science Degrees

BA in Computer Science
Provides students with a strong foundation in computer science within a broad liberal arts–based curriculum

BA/MS and BS/MS Dual Degree in Computer Science
Allows qualified students to complete a significant portion of a master’s degree while enrolled as undergraduates

BE in Engineering Science
An ABET-accredited program that provides thorough preparation and training in broad areas across disciplines in engineering

BS in Bioengineering
Designed to bridge the gap between the life sciences and physical sciences by applying engineering concepts, methods, and techniques to biology and medicine

BS in Civil Engineering
Provides thorough preparation and professional training in the fundamentals of engineering with a broad spectrum of problems related to the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, buildings, and water and energy systems

BS in Computer Engineering
For students interested in the design and prototyping of computing systems, especially those embedded within larger electro-mechanical devices

BS in Computer Science
Offers a deep foundation in the main areas of computing, with a wide range of available concentrations to pursue specialized knowledge in fields such as cybersecurity, gaming and animation, and web and mobile applications

BS in Computer Science and Cybersecurity
Designed to produce graduates qualified as computer software and hardware developers and able to serve as information security officers, penetration testers, and network administrators

BS in Computer Science and Mathematics
Offered jointly with the Mathematics Depart
ment; provides a rigorous background in computer science and mathematics and allows students to simultaneously complete in-depth study in both disciplines

BS in Electrical Engineering
An ABET-accredited program that covers microprocessors, electronics, and electrical systems and helps students develop proficiency in the field

BS in Industrial Engineering
Focuses on the optimal use of integrated systems of people, methods, materials, machines, and energy to achieve organizational goals

BS in Mechanical Engineering
An ABET-accredited program combining theory, experiment, and design; covers thermal dynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and aerodynamic theory and applications

Additional undergraduate science degrees:
• Applied Physics (BS)
• Biochemistry (BS)
• Biology (BA, BS)
• Chemistry (BA, BS)
• Criminology (BA)
• Environmental Resources (BS)
• Forensic Science (BS)
• Geology (BA, BS)
• Physics (BA, BS)
Pre-health Studies (BA)
   - Humanities
   - Social Services
• Pre-medical Studies (BS)
• Sustainability Studies (BA, BS)
• Urban Ecology (BA, BS, BA/MA, BS/MS)

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