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3 Tips for Writing the Best College Admission Essay Possible

Writing your college admission essays can be overwhelming, but you can simplify the process and do your best work by remembering these three key tips.

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Early Admission Trends of the 2023–2024 College Application Cycle

The best way to prep for college admission is to look at the previous application cycle, especially if you're applying early. Here's what's been trending.

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10 Important Things to Consider Before Applying to College

The college search and admission process gives you a lot to think about, but these 10 things are crucial to consider before you send in your applications.

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How Should I Prepare for My Admission Interview?

Being interviewed can be difficult at first, but it gets easier the more you practice. Check out this expert advice for your admission interviews.

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Don't Use Your English Paper as a College Essay

Many students send college application essays that were written for an English class. Most earned A's, but they're not often college app ready. Here's why!

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Should I Ace Easy Classes or Push Myself in Hard Ones?

Is it smarter to take easy classes to boost your GPA or challenge yourself but risk lower grades in harder classes? Our experts have the answer!

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Good, Bad, and Unnecessary College Application Advice You Need to Know

You'll hear a lot of advice during the college application process, but it won't be all good! Here's what you should listen to and what you can ignore.

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5 Scary College Search Mistakes to Avoid for Less Stress During Admission

Do you have the college search scaries? Squash those fears and see what mistakes to avoid so the admission process and applying doesn't haunt you.

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Why Are Campus Visits So Important?

Campus visits play a crucial role in finding the best-fit college for your needs. Check out what our experts have to say about why they're so important.

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Navigating College Search and Application Advice

Everyone has advice for getting into college, but is it all great? Read on for a simple guide on how to get the best college advice.

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