Tackling Stress: 7 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health

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High school is stressful! Here's how to keep your mental health in check for senior year or anytime during your college search. read more

Tips to Help Students Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

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College can be overwhelming sometimes. But students can alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety with these simple lifestyle changes and adjustments to their daily routine. read more

Q&A With Emily: Going to College With a Mental Illness

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Question: I have a mental illness. What steps should I take going into my chosen college? read more

Mental Health Awareness Month: Help for Students

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Critical information and resources that can help students understand different mental health issues, seek or offer help, and raise awareness to end the stigma read more

Scholarship Saturday: January 30, 2016


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4 Ways to Help Manage Your Teen's High School Stress

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This may come as no surprise to parents of teenagers, but students between the ages of 15 and 18 experience excessive amounts of stress...perhaps more so now than ever before. read more

Student Loan Stress: Too Much to Handle?

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For the first time ever, researchers are taking a long, hard look at the mental health effects of our nation's crushing student loan debt. read more

College Stress Solutions for Academic Anxiety

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Are you feeling a little . . . UGH! . . . about adjusting to campus, classes, homework, or just life in general? Well, take a deep breath. And then keep reading! read more

Four-Legged Counselors and Other Student Stress Relievers

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Some high schools have come up with creative ways to help their students reduce stress and anxiety. read more

What role can a college counselor play in preparing seniors for the transition to college life?

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By the time the student is ready to leave for college, the student and counselor have developed a trusting relationship. Therefore, the student might be more likely to ask the counselor the questions about which she or he is having anxiety than might otherwise be the case. read more