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An Honest Mental Health Review and Student Resources for Success

We surveyed 600+ students about mental health and their access to assistance at school. Here's an infographic of what we found, plus resources to share.


How to Recognize and Cope With Anxiety as a Student

It's tough to cope with your anxiety when it crops up and you have a busy student life to keep up with. Here are some do's and don'ts to get through it.

CollegeXpress Student Writer

How Parents Can Help Their Teens Tackle Back-to-School Avoidance

Some students stress about school before it even starts, leading to a lot of missed days. Here's how to tackle back-to-school anxiety with your teen.

Chief Medical Officer, SonderMind

Working Out Your Mental Health: 3 Benefits of Regular Exercise for Students

Enhance your mental health as a student with exercise! Here's a look at why it's important and how working out improves your mental health.

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What Can I Do If I’m Feeling Nervous About My SAT Test Date?

SAT anxiety is completely normal, but you can control any testing situation with a few simple tricks. Calm yourself with these expert test prep secrets!


Our Best Advice for Dealing With Stress as a Student

Being a student is stressful no matter who you are. Need help getting through it all? Take a look at all our best advice on stress management right here.


Great Mental Health Habits for Students to Establish

Students should always strive to continue to find and employ long-lasting positive mental health habits. Here are some ideas for you!

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Chile

Students: Seek Out Mental Health Help During COVID-19

It's Mental Health Awareness Month, and to encourage you to seek help if you need it, here's a look at mental health during the pandemic and how you can find resources.

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The 3 R's of Overcoming Test Anxiety

Preparing for high-stakes exams such as the SAT or ACT can be stressful, but with a few simple steps, you can transform your stress into a useful motivator.

Medical Practitioner and Content Author, Academic Medical Associates and UWorld

How to Beat Back-to-School Anxiety

Going back to school can be nerve-wracking for students, and it's only compounded this year by the pandemic. Here are some methods to help you beat anxiety!

Education Writer

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