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Our Best Advice for College Tours and Campus Visits


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COVID-19 and Virtual Campus Tours


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How to Navigate Admitted Students Visits

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Congratulations on getting accepted to college! Now your calendar is full of admitted student days. Here's a quick guide to help you get through all of them. read more

Ways to Make Campus Visits More Fun

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Why Are Campus Visits So Important?

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Questions to Ask Before, During, and After College Visits

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Top 10 Tips for Your College Visit Road Trip

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How Can I Trust What I See About a Graduate School?


Graduate school is a major undertaking, so of course you should be sure you're comfortable with the school and program you choose. Here's some expert advice. read more

Video: A Day in the Life of a College Freshman


Ever wonder what college is really like? In this video, Gracie gives us the scoop on a typical day in the life of a freshman at the University of Alabama! read more

Video: Michigan State University Lansing Town Tour


Sometimes you can't go on campus visits, but someone else can for you! Watch student vlogger Daniel tour the campus of Michigan State University in this video. read more