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College Planning Calendar: November 2023

November is packed full with National Scholarship Month, free college planning webinars, and more. Start planning with your students for the days ahead!


Important FAFSA Updates for Students With Divorced or Separated Parents

The "simplified" FAFSA may actually make filling it out more confusing for students of divorce or separation. Here's what to know about upcoming changes!

Freelance Writer and College Coach

Should I Submit My Personal Statement If a School Doesn't Require It?

A strong personal statement can make a difference in admission, but what if it isn't required? Here's some expert advice on this supplemental essay.


College Planning Calendar: October 2023

Nothing is spookier than not being ready for college! Use our October College Planning Calendar to beat the admission season scaries with your students.


You Belong in College: How to Find Your Best Fit and Thrive Post–Affirmative Action

A recent change in college admission affects countless students of color. Here's how you can still thrive and gain acceptance to your best-fit college.

Managing Director of Programs, Bottom Line

The 5 Most Significant Changes Coming to the SAT in 2024

Despite test-optional policies, the SAT isn't going anywhere...except online! These are the top changes you need to know about the new digital SAT exam.

Founder and President, BWS Education Consulting, Inc.

Unlocking Ivy League Gates: 5 Important Keys to Elite College Admission

The Ivy League isn't the end-all, be-all of admission. But if you're driven to seek out top-tier schools, here's how you can get the keys to the Ivy gates!

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How to Digitize and Organize Important College and Scholarship Documents

College and scholarship applications are overwhelming. The best thing you can do is digitize and organize to stay on top of all your documents. Here’s how!

Founder, DocFly

College Planning Calendar: September 2023

A brand-new academic year has officially begun, and there’s a ton of planning to do. Get started with this month’s College Planning Calendar!


College Planning Calendar: August 2023

As we near a new academic year, it's time to determine a plan of action for you and your students. Use our August College Planning Calendar to get started!


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