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How to Be a Competitive College Applicant

Freelance Writer, Former High School Counselor

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Introducing the Brand-New CollegeXpress Logo!


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Quick Guide to Getting Involved at College

CollegeXpress Student Writer, Florida Southern College

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Scholarship Saturday: January 19, 2019


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Graduating Early: Advice on Finishing High School in 3 Years

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How to Spot Crazy College Admission Myths

College Counselor, Collegewise

Everyone knows some crazy college admission stories about their friend's cousin twice removed. But which ones are true and what are just good yarns? Here's how to spot the difference! read more

Video: How to Stay Healthy on Set


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Take Our Quiz! What's Your College Search Style?

CollegeXpress Student Writer

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Video: All Things Office Hours


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How to Win Scholarships in 2018


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