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How to Pay for College Infographic: The Best Order of Operations

Wondering what’s the best way to pay for college? Check out this infographic for a step-by-step guide on what you should prioritize first.

Founder, The College Investor

The Top Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes People Make on LinkedIn

Preply analyzed thousands of LinkedIn profiles to identify the most common spelling and grammar errors by industry and overall. See what they are here!

Marketing Specialist, Preply

Infographic: 3 Smart Tips to Financially Survive Freshman Year

Your first year of college can come with financial pitfalls if you're not careful. Here are three financial tips to get you through freshman year.

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Infographic: College Success for Students With Disabilities

Going to college can be intimidating for students with learning disabilities. This infographic can help LD students find a school where they'll succeed.


Budgeting 101 Infographic: Saving Money in College

Stressing out because you don't have enough money to pay your bills and have fun in college? These tips will help you master budgeting and save some cash.


Infographic: Skills to Put on a Résumé to Land the Job

Skills are just as important to your résumé as work experience. Here are what skills you should list on your résumé and how to present them to land a job.


Infographic: 8 Ways to Fast-Track Your Job Search

Who wouldn't want to fast-track their job hunt? From focusing your search to staying positive, there's a lot you can do to land the right offer in no time.


Infographic: 10 Tips to Help You Prepare for the GMAT

Nervous about the GMAT? This infographic from Washington State University offers 10 tips to help prospective graduate Business students prep for the exam.