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Great Undergraduate Liberal Arts Colleges and Universities in New England

Looking for the quintessential liberal arts college experience? Look no further than these great colleges and universities in New England!


Great Undergraduate Liberal Arts Colleges in the South

If you’re looking for that quaint Southern charm in your college search, look no further than this list of undergraduate liberal arts schools down South.


5 Liberal Arts Minors That Go Surprisingly Well With Science Majors

You’ve decided to major in a science field—but what should you minor in? Your choices go beyond STEM! Here are five liberal arts options to consider.

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Great Undergraduate Liberal Arts Colleges in the West

Explore amazing public and private colleges and universities in the Western US that offer the great liberal arts foundation you’re looking for.


Major Spotlight: Psychology and Your Academic Path

Are you thinking of majoring in Psychology in college? Take a look at what to expect, the classes you'll take, and the branches you could consider as a career.

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A Passion for the Past: How to Use a History Degree

They say history repeats itself, and you know that as a History major! But you can do a lot more with a History degree than you may realize. Here are a few post-grad suggestions.

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The Best Prep for the Real World: Business or Liberal Arts?

If you plan to go into business after graduation, you may be wondering if you should study Business or liberal arts. Here's why you should consider both.

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Boost Your Career Advantages With These 5 Liberal Arts Skills

Liberal arts skills are universally needed in the workplace. Here are the top five liberal arts skills you should develop to boost your career prospects.

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How a Liberal Arts Education Can Change Your Life

There are a lot of misconceptions about liberal arts education and the value of it for students. But the liberal arts can change your life, and here's how.

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Can I Study Science at a Liberal Arts College?

Science and engineering hopefuls may be wondering what kind of college to attend. Here's some expert advice on if liberal arts colleges are the way to go.

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