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Our Best Advice for Having Fun and Making Friends in College

College isn't all about studying—you should make time for entertainment and friends too! Read all our best articles about campus fun and fraternizing here.


3 Important Resources for Making Friends on a Foreign Campus

Making friends on campus as an international student can be intimidating. Here are three great resources to help you meet people naturally and comfortably.

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6 Tips for Safe College Socializing During the Pandemic

The pandemic isn't over, and just because we've been safely socializing for a while doesn't mean we don't need a reminder or some new ideas every now and then.

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3 College Challenges You May Face as COVID Continues

Starting college is stressful for any student, but being a freshman during a pandemic means there are new challenges to overcome. Here's how you can prepare.

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4 Great Ways to Make Friends at College

What's the college experience without great friends to share it with? Here's some advice for making new friends in college and finding your people.

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How to Make More Friends as an Out-of-State College Student

Students attending college far away from their home state may feel out of place at first. If this is you, these tips will help you make friends in no time!

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Accepted: How to Find Your Place on Your College Campus

Getting ready for college is about way more than buying out the bookstore's apparel section.

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Making Friends Your First Year of College: Top Do's and Don'ts

Great friends make your first year of college so much more fun. Here are some of the biggest do's and don'ts to help you make connections right away.

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10 Things College Students Should Do Before Graduation

Every student has their own college bucket list: the things they just have to do or see before they graduate. Here are 10 things you should add to your list.

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7 Tips to Help You Find Great Friends in College

Whether you're a natural social butterfly or more of an introvert, here are a few easy ways to meet new people and make awesome friends in college.

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